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Edmund Park

Edmund park came into our office and established himself early on as a leader. At first he was a little skeptical about the management training program because he had ambitions to be a Las Vegas Corrections Officer. He even told me this job would only be temporary. After separating himself with his sales ability and seeing the earning potential not only on the entry level side but with management he committed to our program. In 6 short months hes graduated our program and we are excited to see how well he will do managing his own office.

Who in the business do you admire most?

In this business the person I admire the most is Eddie Rodriguez. Mr. Rodriguez has been a mentor and gave me the opportunity to grow within his organization. Giving me the same opportunity he was presented and I will always admire my accomplishments by seeing future growth in this organization following my mentors like Eddie Rodriguez.

What advice would you give to someone new in the business?

I would say you should not get comfortable. Travel, meet other like-minded individuals and when times get tough - ask yourself: what would I have done differently 5 years ago?

Short term goals

My short term goals in this business is to start building my organization and present the same opportunity I was presented.

Long term goals

In the next two years in this business I plan on reaching regional consultant in our organization.

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