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Aaron Lloyd

Aaron has probably shown the most growth out of the managers promoted from our Las Vegas office. He had minimal work experience after graduating from school and didn’t think he had a knack for sales. We are pleased to see him grow with our organization and so far he’s taken our Indiana branch to one of the top offices in its category.

Who in the business do you admire most?

The person that I admire the most in the business is Eddie Rodriguez, because our family background is very similar. He lets his family drive him to be successful in the business and change his family tree.

What advice would you give to someone new in the business?

The business can teach you many things from the field to management, be willing to learn.

Short term goal:

My short term goals are to build more team leaders and have a stronger team.

Long term goal:

My long term goals are to promote out 2 outside deals by year end and make it to regional consultant within 2 years.

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